September 1 – Marcus Heinrich KRUSE

Looking on my family tree for today, we meet Marcus Heinrich KRUSE, a cottager and day laborer from the grandduchy Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

He was born on September 1, 1778 in Botelsdorf as the son of Hans Joachim KRUSE and Catharina Magdalena née PARBS.

I didn’t find out yet when he married Magdalene Elisabeth RUNGE but between 1806 and 1818 I have four children documented for them, which were all born in Botelsdorf:

  • Johann Heinrich (born abt. December 1806 / died January 16, 1869)
  • Hans Heinrich (born abt. August 1809 / died February 16, 1853)
  • Joachim (born February 2, 1814)
  • Katharina Elisabeth (born abt. January 1818 / died December 6, 1907)

The 1819 census of Mecklenburg-Schwerin shows the family still living in Botelsdorf.

When his daughter Katharina married in 1843, he was stated as cottager living in Sievershagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

Marcus died on November 16, 1851 of gout in Sievershagen and got laid to rest on November 21, 1851 in Diedrichshagen.

August 13 – Otto Wilhelm August Lenschow

confirmation Otto Lenschow

confirmation Otto Lenschow

August 13, 1961 – During the nighthours East Germany begins to block streets and traintracks leading from East- to Westberlin. This marks the beginning of building the Berlin Wall. It should come down just 38 years later in 1989.

And one of the most beautiful movies premieres on this day in 1942 at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City: Walt Disney’s Bambi!

And my event for today is an easy one since I only have one for August 13 in my family tree. You read correctly. Over 1500 individuals in it and just one single event for today.

On August 13, 1893 Otto Wilhelm August LENSCHOW is born in Sievershagen, Grandduchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

He was the oldest son of Katharina Maria Elisabeth LENSCHOW. His father is not mentioned on any of the records I could find for him.

But in 1895 his mother married Wilhelm Johann Heinrich LENSCHOW (yes, they both have the same last names) a brick layer from the same village and gave birth to three more children. I wonder if Wilhelm is also Ottos father – just a wild guess, though!

The 1900 census states him as “son” living in Sievershagen. Naturally I would say, since he was just seven years old.

On April 12, 1908 he got confirmed into the lutheran religion in the church of Diedrichshagen. And also in that record, only his mother is  mentioned.

confirmation Otto Lenschow

confirmation Otto Lenschow

And that is the last thing I know about him.

Anyone researching the name Lenschow in Mecklenburg-Schwerin?



August 2 – Otto Heinrich Johann Evert

Julius Caesar defeats on August 2, 47 BC Pharnakes II. the King of Pontus in the Battle of Zela. Caesar describes his success with today’s famous quote “Veni, vidi, vici

Searching for the Northwest Passage Henry Hudson enters the Bay today known as Hudson Bay on August 2, 1610. He already thought to have entered the Pacific Ocean.

On August 2, 1948 Otto Heinrich Johann EVERT died in Sievershagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany of a cardiac insufficiency.

death certificate Otto Evert

death certificate Otto Evert

He is one of four children I know of so far from Hans Friedrich EVERT, a farmer from Sievershagen and his wife Maria Katharina Henriette née WULF.

He was born on April 22, 1870 in Sievershagen. In April 1884 he got confirmed into the lutheran religion in the church of Diedrichshagen, the main village of the parish at that time.

The following record is the 1900 census record for Otto. He is stated as “Son helps on the farm”

census record Otto Evert

census record Otto Evert

On January 20, 1903 he married Friederika Katharina Dorothea BLOCK, a farmer’s daughter from Pohnstorf, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

As far as I know by now they had one daughter: Sophie Frieda Magdalena EVERT, born 1904 in Sievershagen.


August 1 – Maria Wilhelmine Elisabeth Lenschow

With the Slavery Abolition Act 1833 from Augst 1, 1834 does Great Britain prohibit the slavery in the full British Empire.

And August 1, 1944 marks the last entry in the diary of Anne Frank.

On my family tree we move back to the parish of Diedrichshagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin.

Maria Wilhelmine Elisabeth LENSCHOW was born on August 1, 1864 in Sievershagen in the parish. She was the oldest daughter of the tailor Hans Friedrich LENSCHOW and his wife Maria Christine Magdalene née WINKELMANN.

So far I only know of one younger sister of her, but she was born five years later. And looking at the birth rate in those times, I am sure there are more siblings to be found.

church & cemetary Diedrichshagen

church & cemetary Diedrichshagen


On April 6, 1879 she got confirmed into the lutheran religion in the church of Diedrichshagen. The same church she married the bricklayer Wilhelm Johann Heinrich LENSCHOW from Kastahn in – on January 26, 1886.

marriage certificate Lenschow & Lenschow

marriage certificate Lenschow & Lenschow

Also for Maria and Wilhelm I found only two children so far, but also years apart:

  • Frieda Maria Emma, born March 4, 1886
  • stillborn daughter, born February 9, 1894

Maria died one day after giving birth to the stillborn daughter on February 10, 1894 in Sievershagen and got laid to rest on the cemetary of Diedrichshagen on February 14, 1894.




June 29 – Dorothea Louise Christiane Lenschow

Happy Birthday Go-Mizunoo, 108th Emperor of Japan, born June 29, 1596!

And happy Birthday Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, best known as the author of “The Little Prince“, born on June 29, 1900!

I chose two birthdays as historical dates for today since I have a sad event on my family tree for this day.

We mourn the death of Dorothea Louise Christiane LENSCHOW who died on June 29, 1916 in Grevesmühlen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

death certificate Dorothea Louise Christiane Lenschow

death certificate Dorothea Louise Christiane Lenschow

Dorothea was born on August 25, 1855 as second of (so far) three known children of Johann Heinrich LENSCHOW, a farmer in Sievershagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany and his wife Katharina Elisabeth née KRUSE.

On June 22, 1883 Dorothea married Hans Heinrich Christian BAUMANN, a tailor from Groß Pravtshagen, now living in Wotenitz, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany – a widow with one daughter just six months old.

So far I didn’t find any children for Dorothea and Hans, but I am sure it is just a matter of time.