#52ancestors No. 13 – different spelling all over the place!


Challenge for week 13 (I am way behind again ;)) was “DIFFERENT”.

I think we all have this name in our family tree which gets a different spelling on every document. In my family tree I have more than just one of those.

On of the names is OHRT. That is the first spelling I saw and it is also how I see the name being spelled today.

But I also have ORT, ORTH, OORT, OHRTH in my records.

One of the OHRTs in my family is my paternal great grandmother Emma Catharina OHRT. She was born in Schlutup a little fisherman’s village in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany on June 6, 1877. Today, Schlutup belongs to Lübeck, the city my family still lives in. Emma Ohrt blog

This picture shows her at an unknown age. When I made contact to a cousin of my Dad’s I saw it hanging on the wall in the living room and immediately asked if I could take a photo of it. What really hit me from the first moment was the resemblance I see there to her daughter, my grandmother Margarethe Katharina Emma SCHMIDT. It was like looking into her face. I mean, I just knew my grandmother at “this” age.

The 1880 census of Lübeck shows her living with her parents, two older sisters and a younger brother in Schlutup. Emma’s entry is the second last.

Emma OHrt VZ 1880 blog

I still have quite a few uncertainties about her. I don’t have the exact date when she married my great grandfather Carl August Joachim SCHMIDT and I am also missing birthdates for her two oldest children. What I know is that she and Carl had 6 children, of which my grandma was the youngest.

Great Grandma Emma Catharina Schmidt née Ohrt and children

Great Grandma Emma Catharina Schmidt née Ohrt and children

  • Gertrud * unknown
  • Luise * unknown
  • Else * 1901
  • Wilhelm Hermann Heinrich Karl (called Kalli) * 1904
  • Albert Paul Wilhelm (called Willi) * 1911
  • Margarethe Katharina Emma (called Grete) * 1912

There is a family rumour that there have been two more children who died at a very young age, but I couldn’t verify that rumour either yet.

Emma died on March 24, 1949 in Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

#52ancestors No. 12 – same year, different places

52ancestors-2015The challenge of week no. 12 is “Same”. I thought a bit how to approach this motto. At the end I decided to introduce you to two women who were born in the same year: 1786

My fourth great grandmother Catharina Dorothea DAEHN, born 1786. I cannot yet prove exactly when. I only have her age from her death entry.

On November 3, 1811 she married the day laborer Franz Joachim Hinrich Christian SCHAPER in Mustin, grandduchy of Sachsen-Lauenburg (today on the territory of Schleswig-Holstein), Germany. The couple had seven children I know of:

  1. Hans Joachim Hinrich 1812-1812
  2. Johann Joachim Heinrich 1814
  3. Anna Catharina Elisabeth 1816
  4. Franz Joachim Hinrich 1818
  5. Anna Catharina Dorothea 1820-1846
  6. Johann Jacob Hinrich 1823-1882
  7. Johann Heinrich Friedrich 1826-1854

Following a stroke, Catharina died on April 15, 1847 in Mustin and got laid to rest on the church cemetary on April 19, 1847

And then there is my 3rd great grandaunt Kathrin Magdalena ORTH, of whom I don’t know that much. She was born on January 11, 1786 in Mönkhagen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany as fifth of eight children into the marriage of the day laborer Hans Hinrich Christopher OHRT (yes, the spelling is different from entry to entry) and Ann Malen JÄGERS.

She received her christening on January 15, 1786 in Zarpen, the main village of the parish.

And that is the last trace I have of her.

July 7 – Engel Len Orths

It was July 7, 1456 that the verdict of the rehabilitation of Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Orleans) got declared in Notre Dame cathedrale in Paris, France.

In the course of the Mexican-American War, the USA annexes California on July 7, 1846.

On my family tree we meet my 3rd great grand aunt Engel Len ORTHS.

Engel (which means Angel in German) was born on July 7, 1780 in Mönkhagen, Duchy of Holstein, Denmark (today’s county Storman, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany).

She was the second oldest of eight children of the day labourer Hans Hinrich Christopher OHRT and his wife Ann Malen JÄGERS.

As you can see, the spelling of the last name ORTHS changed between father and daughter. I have actually the following spellings, too:

  • ORT
  • OHRT
  • ORTS
  • ORTH

All there ;)

Engel got baptised in the church of Zarpen on July 9, 1780 and that is the last thing I know of her.

May 29 – Carl August Joachim Schmidt #52ancestors No. 15

I missed a lot of the 52 ancestors challenge created by Amy Crow at http://www.nostorytoosmall.com

I have a lot of catching up to do. And this is where I start.


We meet one of my paternal great grandfathers.

Carl August Joachim SCHMIDT was born on May 29, 1875 in Tüschenbek, Saxe-Lauenburg, Germany.

church Groß Grönau

church Groß Grönau

He received his christening on June 27, 1875 in the church of Groß Grönau, Saxe-Lauenburg, Germany.

He was the second born child of the stableman from Tüschenbek estate Carl Friedrich Wilhelm SCHMIDT and his wife Christina Maria née Holst.

Unfortunately, his older sister was a stillborn child, so he grew up as the oldest of three children.

In 1876 he got his first immunization against smalllpox. The second one was on June 10, 1887. With pigs’ lymph. He received six cuts and since he developped pustules, the immunization was called a success.

While searching for him in the city archive of Lübeck where I knew he moved to since my grandmother was born there I found his name in the recruitment papers for the 41th infantry regiment of 1896. Which means he moved from Tüschenbek which was just outside of Lübeck to the city between 1887 and 1896.

I didn’t find the exact entry for his wedding with my great grandmother Emma Catharina OHRT yet, but from 1901 til 1912 Emma gave birth to six children, four girls and a boy. You might remember my blogpost about Emma and her children, which you can find here.

This is an entry of the adressbook of Lübeck 1920. Carl is the third entry from below in the second column.

adressbook 1920 Lübeck

adressbook 1920 Lübeck

Following his move to Lübeck he changed his occupation from a stableman to a coachman. And soon he started his own transport business. First by horse and coaches, but when the time came he bought his first truck – an Opel Blitz (the German word for lightning).



Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture from his first car, but this is one I found of the model at wikipedia.. and let me tell you one thing: it looks a lot cooler than most middlesized trucks today ;)



My great grandfather Carl died on December 23, 1955 in Lübeck and he got laid to rest on December 27, 1955.

obituary Carl Schmidt

obituary Carl Schmidt

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April 9 – Helene Anna Elise Ohrt

The United States Senate ratifies the treaty with Russia for the purchase of Alaska on April 9, 1867 (a.k.a. Alaska Purchase) – the ratification passed by a single vote.

And over 450 years before, on April 9, 1413 Henry V.is crowned King of England.

And going 460 years into the future again, we meet my great grand aunt Helen Anne Elise OHRT who was born on April 9, 1873 in Schlutup, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Helene is the second youngest of six children of the day labourer Joachim Heinrich OHRT and his wife Elisabeth Maria née KRANZ.

She had four older siblings and one younger sister, which was my great grandmother:

  • Margaretha Catharina Dorothea (born 1862)
  • Lucia Catharina Maria (born 1867)
  • stillborn sister (born / died 1869)
  • Heinrich Fritz Christian (born 1870)
  • Emma Catharina (born 1877)

She received her christening in St. Andrew’s (St. Andreas) church of Schlutup on April 12, 1873.

st. andreas

Lbeck Germany Census 1880

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