#52ancestors 2015 No. 2 – oh just where is my connection to a King??

This week’s theme for the 52 ancestors challenge of Amy Crow over at “No story too small” was a tough one for me. It is “King”.

Well, were is just my connection to a King? I tried the German word for King: König – but no, I don’t have that name in my tree. The King’s birthday (of course Elvis, the one and only) was on January 8. It is my aunt’s birthday and I think my Dad is the biggest fan ever. But I know neither one of them would love to see their story in my blog.

But then of course there is another “one and only” King of whom I am the biggest fan ;)

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop was born on August 29, 1958 – So, I checked for that date. What do I find in my family tree for August 29?

My 2nd great grand uncle was born in Schlutup, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany on August 29, 1824 at 3 in the morning. Schlutup belongs today to the Hanseatic city of Lübeck where my family still lives.

Hans Hinrich BADE was born as an illegitimate child to my 3rd great grandmother Lucie BADE and Jürgen Hinrich FASKUHL. Five years later, Lucie would marry my 3rd great grandfather Hans KRANZ. Which technically makes Hans Bade my “half” 2nd great granduncle.

Hans was baptized on September 1, 1824 in St. Andreas, the beautiful church of Schlutup.

st. andreas

His godparents were his grandfather Hans BADE, Carsten VOGT of which I guess he was related to Lucie’s mother Magdalene Geesch VOGT and Engel Catharina BADE. While researching in Schlutup it didn’t make it easier, that there are several BADE lines in the village. All of them were fishermen and all of them were somehow related ;)

The next sign I found from Hans was the census 1862, which states him still living in Schlutup.

But I didn’t find any confirmation record, wedding or death entry for him.

Okay, that was my connection to a King – I admit, very far–fetched ;)

February 6 – Magdalena Christiana Kranz

Two days before the start of the Olympic Games in Sochi we have two other Olympic Events:

  • on February 6, 1936 the Nordic Combined champion and future designer Willy Bogner speaks the Olympic oath for the athletes in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. Since then the Skiteam wears traditionally Bogner outfits
  • on Februar 6, 1968 the skier Léo Lacroix is the one giving the oath for the athletes at the Olympic Games in Grenoble, France. It was the first time that two seperated German teams represented the two German countries

On my family tree my first cousin 4x removed Magdalena Christiana KRANZ is born in Schlutup, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

st. andreas


She received her baptism on February 16, 1834 in St. Andreas church of Schlutup




Magdalena was one of two children I have found for the fisherman Hinrich KRANZ and his wife Anna Elisabeth BADE.

Unfortunately, Schlutup didn’t belong to Lübeck yet for the census of 1845. And the census 1851 shows her not living with the family anymore.

Which means, her baptism record is really the last trace I have of her.

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#52ancestors No. 5 – My 2nd great grandparents – more mysteries

52ancestorsIt is time for my fifth blogpost for the 52 Ancestors challenge. If you haven’t heard anything of it yet, it is a challenge from Amy Crow over at “No Story Too Small“. We write 52 blogposts in 52 weeks about 52 ancestors. I’ve discovered some wonderful blogs already during this challenge. I am looking forward to the remaining year!

I want to tell you about my 2nd great grandparents who would celebrate their wedding anniversary today.

Elisabeth Maria KRANZ and Joachim Heinrich OHRT married on February 3, 1867 in Schlutup, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Elisabeth was born January 16, 1844 in Schlutup into the marriage of the local fisherman Hans KRANZ and Lucia BADE.

baptism Maria Elisabeth Kranz 1844

baptism Maria Elisabeth Kranz 1844

Joachim was born into a typical day labourer family moving from village to village. Therefore it was a bit tough to find his birth entry. I finally found him being born on October 1, 1835 in Menzendorf in the parish of Lübsee in the dukedom of Ratzeburg.

There he also received his christening on October 3, 1835.

Until today, his parents Johann Friedrich OHRT and Anna Catharina Maria Dorohtea  GROTH give me a hard time in my research. Well, actually more his mother does – her birthplace is still a mystery to me ;)

You might remember from previous blogposts that my OHRT family originally comes from Mönkhagen, which is about 20 miles west from the area I write about today. That might not be a big difference, but it was two different duchies with two different rulers. Moving around wasn’t as easy as today. You can take a look at the maps here.

Elisabeth and Joachim had six children. For five of them I found the birth respectively baptism entries in the church books of St. Andreas church in Schlutup (they are stored in the city archives of the city of Lübeck today, very easy to access).

  • Lucia Catharina Maria * May 2, 1867
  • a stillborn daughter */+ January 26, 1869
  • Heinrich Fritz Christian * April 15, 1870 – + August 15, 1871
  • Helene Anna Elise * April 9, 1873
  • Emma Catharina * June 6, 1877

The only record in which the sixth child – well, actually the first child – is mentioned in relation to the family is the census of 1875.

census 1875

census 1875

There a Dorothea Ohrt is mentioned as daughter being born in 1862. Which would be five years before the wedding. Although I described before that illegitimate children weren’t uncommon those days, I am a bit torn if she is really THEIR daughter or only HIS from a previous relationship. Or maybe her birthdate is wrong, because the one from her younger sister Lucia (here named Louise) is given with May 2, 1866 in this census. The birth record says May 2, 1867.

The 1880 census shows the correct date though, but Dorothea is not part of the household anymore.

census 1880

census 1880

I found an entry for a Margaretha Catharina Dorothea Ohrt with the exact birth date as provided in the 1875 census in the 1880 records. You see her in row six living and working as a maid in a different quarter of Lübeck. I kept her in my database, but with a huge questionmark.

1880 census Margaretha Catharina Dorothea Ohrt

1880 census Margaretha Catharina Dorothea Ohrt

I couldn’t find a death entry for either Joachim or Elisabeth yet.

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January 6 – Claus Hinrich Kranz #52ancestors

This is my first contribution to the #52ancestors challenge from “No Story too small


My ancestor for this week is my 2nd great granduncle Claus Hinrich KRANZ, born January 6, 1838 in Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Below you find his baptism entry from April 14, 1838 of the churchbook from St. Andreas (St. Andrew’s) in Schlutup, the most eastern part of Lübeck.

baptism Claus Hinrich Kranz

baptism Claus Hinrich Kranz

He was the oldest son of the fisherman Hans KRANZ and his wife Lucia BADE.

On December 19, 1868 he married Anna Margaretha Elisabeth BADE in St. Andreas in Schlutup.

I traced him and his family through the censuses 1871, 1875 and 1880 for the city of Lübeck:

census 1871

census 1871

census 1875

census 1875

census 1880

census 1880

As you can see in the 1875 and 1880 census they had one son born in 1873, at least one surviving son. They had one infant stilborn son in 1871.

I didn’t find any death entry for him yet.

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December 21 – Anna Margaretha Elisabeth Bade

We are coming closer to christmas. Yesterday I had my last working day for this year and today I will head home up north to celebrate christmas with the family – Parents, Sisters, Brother, Nieces and Nephew.. the whole “Schmidt bunch” coming together.

But of course I don’t want to miss to show you what happened on my family tree on this day. But let’s start with some interesting historical facts.

On December 21, 1859 Sam Houston becomes Gouvernor of Texas. He is the only one to get elected as Governor in two different states. He already served in Tennessee from 1827 til 1829.

Marie and Pierre Curie discover the chemical element Radium on December 21, 1898.

And on December 21, 1839 Anna Margaretha Elisabeth BADE is born in  Schlutup which belongs to Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany today. She is the oldest of two daughters of the fisherman Jasper BADE and his wife Margaretha Elisabeth VOSS. Actually most of my Schlutup relatives are fishermen.

She received her christening the very same day in St. Andreas church of Schlutup.

st. andreas

I could follow her trace through all of the published cencuses for Lübeck from 1851 til 1880. Even after her marriage to my 2nd great grand uncle Claus Hinrich KRANZ on December 19, 1868 in the same church. The fathers of bride and groom acted as witnesses to the marriage.

So far I know of two children they had: a stillborn in 1870 and one son in 1873.

I don’t know yet when she died.. but definetly after 1880.