Launch of the new bilingual blog!

I started this blog as an English speaking Genealogy blog only. But over the years I’ve seen that there is a lot of interest in my German speaking world, too.

So, I started to post in German and English. And in addition, I added some topics like “Working Out Loud” and my passion for everything going digital. And I started to connect the dots between those worlds. Hence the name!

With the structure of this blog I didn’t really like how English and German posts and the different topics disappeared next to each other.

This is why I was thinking for quite a while now to create a real bi-lingual blog and to structure it differently.

I took the opportunity at the RootsTech to get in touch with the WordPress team at their booth. We went through the possibilities and different solutions. They really took a lot of time to make it as simple as possible for me to do it on my own.

And still, it took me over a month to finalize it.It sounded so simple when they talked about it.

But today is the big day! I am very proud to announce the launch of my new blog.

Although – it is not really new. The name is the same “Connecting the Worlds”. The URL stays the same:

And I added for the German version.

It’s just the WordPress blog URLs which are changing. I hope that those of you following me at will do the same at (English) or (German), too.