#52ancestors No. 8 – meeting my 3rd great grandmother


52 ancestors in 52 weeks. That is the challenge Amy Crow brought to life in her blog “No story too small”. It is the second year, therefore 2015 edition ;)

I use this week to introduce you to my 3rd great grandmother Elisabeth Henriette Sofia Maria KLINCKMANN.


I actually just had her name from the birth entry from my 2nd great grandfather Gustav Bruno SCHMIDT.

Some of you might remember the story about my Dad meeting his cousin 42 years after they met the last time. A researcher contacted me via ancestry.de and it turned out that his wife was related to the wife of my Dad’s cousin.

From that contact I received an “Ahnenpass” from my SCHMIDT family, which also included the entry for Elisabeth, which you can see below.

Ahnenpass entry Elisabeth Klinckmann

Ahnenpass entry Elisabeth Klinckmann


She was born on March 1, 1824 in Güstrow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany as first legitimate daughter and received her baptism on March 3, 1824 – also in Güstrow. Unfortunately, it wasn’t noted when she married my 3rd great grandfather Hermann Theodor SCHMIDT. That is still a mystery to me. Since she came from Mecklenburg-Schwerin in the northeast of German and he was from today’s Bad Lausick, which is Saxony – in the southeast. I didn’t find the connection there yet why she would marry someone from about 400 miles away.

Elisabeth and Hermann had two children I know of so far – two sons:

  • Gustav Bruno – born December 13, 1847 in Lausigk (today’s Bad Lausick), kingdom of Saxony, Germany – he left my great grandmother and is officially missing since then
  • Friedrich Hermann Moritz – born April 1850 already in Güstrow, grandduchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

Friedrich’s birth is the last trace I have of her. So much more information I need and have to find!


3 thoughts on “#52ancestors No. 8 – meeting my 3rd great grandmother

  1. Toll, über Ancestry_Kontakt an neue Daten zu kommen. Glück muss der Mensch haben! Die fehlenden Daten findest du auch noch :-).

    • das hoffe ich doch. ich habe in Wochen ein paar Tage “Forschungsurlaub” in Schwerin, Lübeck und Ratzeburg geplant. Davon erhoffe ich mir eine Menge, ich muss “nur” priorisieren, was erforscht werden muss ;)

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