Bezahlen im Internet « Kirchenbuchportal.

Das Kirchenbuchportal hat sein Preismodell für die Nutzung vorgestellt:

Private Nutzer (natürliche Personen):
– Monatspass: 19,90 Euro
– Jahrespass: 178,80 Euro (entspricht 14,90 Euro pro Monat)
– Kontingent 20 Tage: 59,90 Euro (innerhalb eines Jahres frei wählbar; 1 Tag: ab einloggen 24 Stunden. Entspricht 2,99 Euro pro Tag)

Gewerbliche Nutzer:
– Monatspass: 199 Euro
– Jahrespass: 1788 Euro

Mehr dazu in dem Originalbeitrag auf dem Kirchenbuchportal.


3 thoughts on “Kirchenbuchportal

  1. Barbara, I haven’t done research using Kirchenbücher. I subscribed to the newsletter and will have a look at their blog. I’m actually only interested in the Bitburg-Prüm area and maybe Speyer. I’ll have to take a closer look at my German families. Thanks for the heads up.

      • Thank you Karen! I have the Familienbücher entries for most of my families who lived in Germany (photos of the pages taken when I visited Peter Daus’ library in May 2013). However I’ve found errors in some books and would like to have images of the original records. I’ve seen some of the LDS’s indexing of the baptismal records. I think I am spoiled as they have the Luxembourg images online. And I’ve had great success with the French records that are online too.

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