April 7 – Peter Iben Friedrich Kranz

The French discoverer Robert Cavalier de La Salle is the first European to reach the mouth of the Mississippi river on April 7, 1682.

And we stay with the French ;) The waiter Maxime Gaillard opens the today’s famous Restaurant Maxime’s in Paris today in 1893.

And I just have a short blogpost for today.

My 2nd cousin 3x removed Peter Iben Friedrich KRANZ was born on April 7, 1870 in Schlutup (today part of Lübeck), Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. His father registered his birth two days later with the authorities.

He was the only son I could find so far for the fisherman Hans Jürgen KRANZ and his wife Anna Dorothe née STEFFEN.

Unfortunately, Peter didn’t live a long and healthy life. He died being three months old on June 16, 1870 at 7pm in his parents’ home.



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