#52ancestors No. 10 – one of the many “illegitimate” children


My this week’s contribution to the 52 ancestors challenge from Amy Crow of “No story too small” is my half great grand aunt.

Do you remember my 2nd great grandmother Henrica Elisabeth Dorothea PETROWSKY?

Well, my half great grand aunt is her first child: Frieda Emilie Marie Sophie Caroline PETROWSKY. She was born on September 22, 1875 in Neu-Lüblow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany as an illegitimate child to her mother and an unknown father.

I actually think it’s very strange that my 2nd great grandmother who was born herself in 1845 wasn’t married by the age of 30 years. And I actually wonder if she had more children before, but so far I couldn’t find any.

In the 1919 census Frieda Emilie Marie Sophie Caroline goes by the name of Frieda. I will stick to that, too.

Frieda married on November 2, 1900 in Grubenhagen. And I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the name of her husband to be. His name was Carl Wilhelm Heinrich SCHMIDT.

Oh no, please not again a SCHMIDT. That is the second most common last name in Germany and I already have not only 2 major SCHMIDT lines (both my paternal grandmother and grandfather carry that name) but also various minor SCHMIDT branches on my tree.

And to top that, her mother would also marry a SCHMIDT, my second great grandfather. Which means, I have 2 SCHMIDT & PETROWSKY connections on my tree.

According to the 1919 census Frieda and Carl had 5 children being born between 1904 and 1915. Their first two children were born just 10 months apart.

  • Else * January 6, 1904 in Hamberge
  • Hedwig * November 5, 1904 in Neu Pokrent
  • Lucie * February 11, 1907 in Teterow
  • Alfred * May 15, 1911 in Teterow
  • Grete * December 23, 1915 in Teterow
census 1919

census 1919

The death records are just published til 1918. Therefore I couldn’t find any death record for Frieda yet.







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  2. My husband’s family id full of Schmidt’s in Chicago, Illinois. Back in the 1800’s, there were so many. I feel your pain!

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