February 17 – Hans Hinrich Jägers

First things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!!!!

On February 17, 1972 it is a model 1302 S in lightblue metallic which leaves the assembly line as car no. 15,007,032 making the VW Beetle the most produced car in the world, superseding the Ford Model-T.

The painting collection of the St. Petersburg Eremitage opens as a museum for the public on February 17, 1852.

Almost 90 years before, on February 17, 1764 my 4th great grand uncle Hans Hinrich JÄGERS is born in Mönkhagen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Hans is the fifth of six children born into the marriage of the laborer Hans Hinrich JÄGERS and his wife Margarete SCHOERS. He is he first son, therefore he gets named after his father.

Hans received his christening on February 19, 1764 in Zarpen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

So far this is everything I know about him. But I know where the records are stored. I either have to wait until I can take one year sabbatical for my research or do it piece by piece ;)


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