A Romantic Plea

my first ever “reblog”..but done with lots of love and appreciation. Thanks J.T.!

J T Weaver

Let’s say that you’re one half of a happily married couple and that you’ll be married for 50 years before one of you passes into the great beyond.

In that 50 year time period, you will have been married 18,250 days.  That’s 18,250 opportunities to make passionate love to your spouse.  Now of those 18,250 opportunities, there will times when it just won’t be possible.  There will be illness, menstrual cycles, business travel, and a host of other reasons.  So let’s reduce our number by 25% to 13,688 opportunities.  Still with me?

Now, there are going to be times when you’re just too tired, or you’ve had an argument, or a dozen other silly reasons for not loving your spouse.  And let’s say those reasons have caused you to make love to your spouse no more than 2 days a week.  Because of this, you have wasted 9,787 golden opportunities…

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