January 8 – Louise Ribbe

We have two historical events for January 8, 1959:

And I have a “cousin bait” meets “brick wall” post for today.

We totally change the location for today. We leave Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Schleswig-Holstein and move south to Saxony-Anhaltina. To Staßfurt, to be exact.

At the time I write about, Staßfurt belonged to the province Saxony:

Province Saxony 1863-1942

Province Saxony 1863-1942

My great grand aunt Louise RIBBE is born there on January 8, 1868. She was the younger sister of my great grandmother Agnes Clara RIBBE. You’ve met her in my blog about her here.

Louise and Agnes had four more siblings, of which I don’t have any exact dates. Louise’s birthday was the only one,  Agnes’ daughter could remember.

Her father Gottfried RIBBE, a local brickmaker was married to Johanne Lorenz.

It is a short blogpost today, since that is all I know from Louise. Any RIBBEs out there who could help me?

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