December 30 – Johann Joachim Friedrich Heinrich Duwe

The massacre of Granada on December 30, 1066 is the first progrom on European soil. A muslim crowd crucifies the jewish Vizier and kills approximately 4,000 jewish residents.

During the War of Roses in England the House of York wins the Battle of Wakefield against the House of Lancaster on December 30, 1460.

And on my family tree? December 30 must have been a good day to die since I have only deaths on this day in my family tree.

Like the one from Johann Joachim Friedrich Heinrich DUWE, the father-in-law of my 3rd great grand uncle, a farmer in Boienhagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany on December 30, 1879.

death certificate Johann Joachim Friedrich Heinrich Duwe

death certificate Johann Joachim Friedrich Heinrich Duwe

In his death certificate the third name Friedrich, which I found in wedding certificates of one of his children, is missing.

On December 4, 1835 he married Sophia Dorothea KOOP a fee farmer’s daughter in Diedrichshagen.

Between 1837 and 1859 I found 10 children for the couple. One would be the wife of my 3rd great grand uncle Gottlieb Joachim Heinrich WARNKE.