December 15 – Today in my family tree

December 15, 1964 – Canada gets its Maple Leaf as National Flag.

On December 15, 1949 The Federal Republic of Germany (a.k.a. West Germany) joins the Marshallplan.

And I only have a short entry from my family tree today.

On December 15, 1846 my 2nd great grand aunt Catharina Maria Henriette SCHAPER is born in Mustin, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. She is the second youngest of eight children of the day labourer Johann Joachim Heinrich SCHAPER and his wife Catharina Maria Sophia HAGEN.

She received her christening on December 26, 1846 in this beautiful partly wooden church (even today) in Mustin:

church Mustin

church Mustin

And this is all I have for her so far. And my to-do-list is growing constantly since I started this “today in my family tree” section :)