December 10 – Today in my family tree

On December 10, 1817 Mississippi becomes the 20th state of the USA.

On December 10, 1868 the worldwide first traffic light is installed in London in front of the House of Parliament. It is operated by gas.

And on my family tree?

We move away south from Diedrichshagen. And we shift from my grandfathers maternal line to his paternal one. I still work on figuring out why and how this family branch moved from Saxony to Mecklenburg-Schwerin which are about 300 miles apart in different kingdoms respectively grandduchies.

On December 10, 1825 my 3rd great grand uncle Hermann Theodor SCHMIDT gets born in Lausick, Saxony, Germany. He receives his baptism in the church of St. Kilian in Lausick on December 15, 1825. He is the second son of the carpenter Johann Theodor SCHMIDT and his wife Johanna Juliana EGELAND.

Here is is baptism entry, it is the second last on the page. From left to right: birthdate, baptism date, name of the child, name of the father (and it indicates that it is his second child)

baptism Hermann Theodor Schmidt part 1

baptism Hermann Theodor Schmidt page 1

From left to right: name of the mother and godparents.

baptism Hermann Theodor Schmidt page 2

baptism Hermann Theodor Schmidt page 2