December 02 – Megalomaniacs ;)

December 2, 1804: Napoléon Bonaparte crowns himself the Emperor of France at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France.

And 48 years later, on December 2, 1852 which is also the first anniversary of his coup d’état ending the French Second Republic,  his nephew Charles-Louise-Napoléon Bonaparte crowns himself as Napoléon III.

I don’t have anything to megalomaniac on my family tree for this day. “Just plain” weddings ;)

One is the one of Johann Joachim Heinrich REUTER and Louise Caroline Dorothea PARBS on December 2, 1887 in Diedrichshagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin., Germany.

wedding entry Reuter - Parbs

wedding entry Reuter – Parbs

Johann was a workingman born on November 19, 1858 in Upahl, in the same parish whereas Louise was born as a fee farmer’s daughter on September 14, 1862 in Sievershagen, also in the same parish.