Conflicting information Part II

The issue described in the first blog didn’t let me sleep.

Did I mention that genealogy turned into an obsession over the years? ;)

I spent my free evening and most time of the early night yesterday to look through my records and search online for the answer to the question, why Willi Johann Hans QUALMANN had 2 mothers.

And I think I found the solution! And what a simple one!!

His “first” mother Anna Juliane Elise PARBS died on July 8, 1898 – one day after his birth. And his father Johann Heinrich August QUALMANN married again in 1901:

marriage certificate Qualmann - Luckow 1901

marriage certificate Qualmann – Luckow 1901


The bride was Meta Maria Minna LUCKOW from Hamberge, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

So, the mother stated in his death certificate is not his mother but his stepmother.

Sometimes answers to open questions can be so simple …


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