October 26 – blessed or cursed?

October 26, 1881 – The day of the legendary gunfight at the O.K. corral between the Earp brothers and J.H.Halliday on one side and two Clinton brothers and two McLaury brothers on the other side.

Today’s event in my family tree is a happier one. We have another anniversary to celebrate.

Wulf Kruse 1886

October 26, 1886 Dorothea Auguste Henriette WULF married Johann Jochim Heinrich KRUSE in Diedrichshagen. This wedding was Johann’s third.

Dorothea was born February 15, 1864 in Upahl, Johann’s birthday was July 17, 1847 in Upahl.

Johann is the widower of Dorothea’s sister Maria Johann Dorothea WULF who died 8 months before this wedding in February 1886. From what I learnt it was quite common to marry the sister of the deceased wife, if she wasn’t married yet.

He had 3 children with his first wife and three with his second. No wonder he was looking for a wife very soon after the death of Maria.

In addition to the 6 children he had from previous marriages (in the age between 2 and 12 years old), Dorothea and Johann were blessed with 8 more children in the next 16 years. But how devastating: 6 of those 8 children died before their 3rd  birthday. How horrible this must have been!!

I don’t have their dates of death yet, but I couldn’t trace either of them in the 1890, 1900 or 1919 census yet.

Guess what? Yes, this is going on my to-do list… ;)