April 17 – Catharina Dorothea Elisabeth Schaper

The Treaty of Shimonoseki from April 17, 1895 terminates the First Sino-Japanese War. Signed by Ito Hirobumi for the Empire of Japan and Li Hongzhang for Qing Empire in the Japanese harbour town Shimonoseki it is today known as an unequal treaty – due to the onesided burden for the Qing Empire.

The first World’s Fair is opened on April 17, 1958 in Brussels, Belgium. Til today the Atomium which was built for this Fair is a landmark for the city.

Let me introduce you to my 2nd great grand aunt Catharina Dorothea Elisabeth SCHAPER who was born on April 17, 1856 in Mustin, Saxe-Lauenburg, Germany.

She was the youngest daughter, the youngest of eight children of my 3rd great grandparents Johann Joachim Heinrich SCHAPER, a farmer from Mustin and his wife Catharina Maria Sophia née HAGEN.

She received her christening in the church of Mustin on April 23, 1856.

church Mustin

church Mustin

So far, I don’t know anything else of her.



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April 15 – Schmidt & Eulert wedding

Following a three years ongoing siege the starving people of Bari surrender to the Normans led by Robert Guiskard on April 15, 73. With that the Byzantine Empire looses its remaining territory in Southern Italy.

The Mayflower sets sail from Plymouth on April 15, 1621 for its return to England.

245 years later, on the other side of the Atlantic, my 2nd great grand uncle Johann Joachim August SCHMIDT married his bride Sophia Maria Margaretha EULERT on April 15, 1866 in Groß Grönau, Duchy of Saxe-Lauenburg, Germany.

Johann was about to become a labourer on the Tüschenbek estate, where he was born on August 6, 1838. He received his christening in Groß Grönau on August 19, 1838.

He was the youngest of four children from my 3rd great grand father Johann Christian August SCHMIDT and his first wife Catharina Elisabeth née SCHNOOR.

Sophia was also born in Tüschenbek, but she was five years younger than her husband Johann. She was born on June 9, 1843 and received her christening in Groß Grönau on June 25, 1843.

She was the second born child of the labourer Johann Jürgen EULERT and his wife Catharina Margarethe Wilhelmine née RUNGE.

Johann and Sophia had four children I know of so far:

  • Maria Elise Wilhelmine * April 21, 1867
  • Johann Heinrich August * December 7, 1868
  • Hans August Heinrich * September 26, 1871
  • Johann Friedrich Wilhelm * September 17, 1877

But do you see the gap between child three and four? It’s six years. I am very sure that there are more children between those two.

That is the last trace I have for the two of them.


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April 10 – Auguste Dorothea Nina Warnke

The “Titanic” part of the White Star Fleet sets sail on April 10, 1912 in Southhampton, England on her maiden voyage. She should never reach her destination New York, USA.

The “Statute of Anne” comes into force in Great Britain on April 10, 1710. It is the first law worldwide, regulating copyright.

My 2nd great grand aunt Auguste Dorothea Nina WARNKE was born on April 10, 1866 in Kastahn, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

She was the fourth of ten children from the farmer and cottager Johann Friedrich Gottlieb WARNKE and his wife Maria Elisabeth Wilhelmine née OLDENBURG.

church & cemetary Diedrichshagen

church & cemetary Diedrichshagen


She received her christening on April 22, 1866 in Diedrichshagen, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

Auguste died of meningitis on December 13, 1875 in her parents’
home – being just 9 years old.

She got laid to rest on the local cemetary on December 18, 1875.

April 9 – Helene Anna Elise Ohrt

The United States Senate ratifies the treaty with Russia for the purchase of Alaska on April 9, 1867 (a.k.a. Alaska Purchase) – the ratification passed by a single vote.

And over 450 years before, on April 9, 1413 Henry V.is crowned King of England.

And going 460 years into the future again, we meet my great grand aunt Helen Anne Elise OHRT who was born on April 9, 1873 in Schlutup, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Helene is the second youngest of six children of the day labourer Joachim Heinrich OHRT and his wife Elisabeth Maria née KRANZ.

She had four older siblings and one younger sister, which was my great grandmother:

  • Margaretha Catharina Dorothea (born 1862)
  • Lucia Catharina Maria (born 1867)
  • stillborn sister (born / died 1869)
  • Heinrich Fritz Christian (born 1870)
  • Emma Catharina (born 1877)

She received her christening in St. Andrew’s (St. Andreas) church of Schlutup on April 12, 1873.

st. andreas

Lbeck Germany Census 1880

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#52ancestors No. 14 – Elsabe Dorothea Maria Greve

Per royal decree Tsar Alexander I. of Russia proclaims Helsinki as the capital of the new Grandduchy of Finland on April 8, 1812.

And sometimes history repeats itself: On April 8, 1783 does Catherine The Great, Empress of all Russians proclaim the annexion of the Crimean, the Taman Peninsula and the area around the Kuban river by Russia.


On my family tree we stay in my main parish Diedrichshagen, just to give you a short update / reminder which area I am writing about. To the left you see highlighted today’s Bundesland Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in Germany, of which Mecklenburg-Schwerin has been one part:



Elsabe Dorothea Maria GREVE  was born on April 8, 1817 in Upahl, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany.

She was the youngest child of Joachim Heinrich GREVE and his wife Elsabe Margarethe née DOSE.

In the 1819 census she is called Maria, I will go with her calling name of course.

1819 census Maria Greve

On April 12, 1842 she married Johann Joachim KÖRNER, a farmer and church councilman from Upahl.

I found three children for the couple so far. But take a look at the big gap between child two and three. I am sure there are more.

  • Catharina Maria Elisabeth * March 12, 1843 / + December 22, 1919
  • Wilhelmina Catharina Dorothea * abt. March 1845 / + September 28, 1845
  • Johann Joachim Christian * abt. April 1854 / + December 25, 1856

Maria died on April 2, 1883 in Upahl, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany

death certificate Maria Greve

death certificate Maria Greve

She got laid to rest on the church cemetary of Diedrichshagen on April 6, 1883.

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April 7 – Peter Iben Friedrich Kranz

The French discoverer Robert Cavalier de La Salle is the first European to reach the mouth of the Mississippi river on April 7, 1682.

And we stay with the French ;) The waiter Maxime Gaillard opens the today’s famous Restaurant Maxime’s in Paris today in 1893.

And I just have a short blogpost for today.

My 2nd cousin 3x removed Peter Iben Friedrich KRANZ was born on April 7, 1870 in Schlutup (today part of Lübeck), Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. His father registered his birth two days later with the authorities.

He was the only son I could find so far for the fisherman Hans Jürgen KRANZ and his wife Anna Dorothe née STEFFEN.

Unfortunately, Peter didn’t live a long and healthy life. He died being three months old on June 16, 1870 at 7pm in his parents’ home.



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April 6 – Catharina Maria Isernhagen

In the Battle of Thapsus Caesar defeats the followers of the Roman Senate lead by Cato on this day in 46 BC.

And today in 1994 was the first day of the Rwandan Genocide. It all started when the aircraft carrying the Rwandan president Juvénal Habyarimana and the Burundian president Cyprien Ntaryamira is shot down. The Genocide lasted for approximately 100 days to mid-July 1994. An estimated number or 500,000 – 1,000,000 Rwandans (mostly Tutsi and moderate Hutu) got killed. As much as 20% of the overall Rwandan population and up to 70% of the Tutsi living in Rwanda.

It is hard to come back to my family tree following an excursus like this, but that what this blog is about.

My fourth great grandmother Catharina Maria ISERNHAGEN died today in 1849 in Mustin, Duchy of Sachsen-Lauenburg, Germany.

She was born on March 13, 1771 in the same village. Three days later she received her christening in the partially wooden church of Mustin.

church Mustin

church Mustin

She married Johann Friedrich HAGEN sometimes before 1810. That is when their first son was born. I found the following children for the couple:

  • Jochen Friedrich Christian Gottlieb HAGEN (November 10, 1810 – January 6, 1811)
  • Catharina Elisabeth Dorothea HAGEN (March 13, 1812 – March 17, 1886
  • Catharina Maria Sophia HAGEN (May 7, 1815 – 1887) – my 3rd great grandmother

You can see that the surviving children grew to reach a very high age for that time.

Catharina got laid to rest on the cemetary of Mustin on April 10, 1849.

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